Happiest Moment This Week!!!

Posted by Eliz on 11:29 PM
Today, went to work like usual, thought nothing interesting.. but heheheh around 10am i received a phone that make me so happy the whole day today.

Orang: Hello, blh ckp ngan miss XXXXX

Me: Speaking (ngan nada malas nak layan.. kut kut org tepon nak jual insurance)

Orang: Saya nak hantar barang, nak verify addres.. (sambil trus sebut nama company)

Me: Err betul,tapi awak nak hantar aper?

Orang: Nak hantar bunga.

And from that moment, i was so shocked thinking who the hell wld send me flowers, and off course to be honest, nobody have every send flowers to me when im at work.. so it was a really good experience.. make me anxious, butterfly flying & wanted to vomit..Hehehe jakun kan? After 45 min waiting for the delivery, finally a dozen of red roses arrive with a card.. And from that card i know who's sending..

Thank you so much Mr V for the suprises.. eheheh it does suprise me.. And it really made my day. Im still the girly type of girl that would flip when receive flowers.. heheheh but still i like other things too like Bling Bling.. ahahahah (evil materialist laugh)


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