Sunday Blues

Posted by Eliz on 3:47 AM
Rainy afternoon.. i like!! Tapi saat camnie.. kebosanan melanda tahap max.. dah tuh pulak blog nak upload gambar lambat.. tak larat nak tunggu.. Neways i've been really busy coz of work and off course with other activities.. which is sleeping.. hahahaha

Speaking about work.. i recall few days ago where i call The Nomad Bangsar to enquire about that apartment for rent on short term basis.. and i mean for me i understand the rate is **** for 3 months and i spoke to another girl.. then i call again to enquire the excat price and also to set up the appointment so my boss can view that place.

Tut tut.. tut.. tut.. "Hello **** Speaking how can i help you", then i tld that lady that i have called before and i ask on the rent.. Then she said, " Oh the rent is **** per month and this is the price for the 1st 3 months". Then I said, " Eh, i thought **** price is for the whole 3 months" Then she gave me the cynical laugh..

Im not senstive but i hate it when ppl do that.. Then she said, "Im sorry you wont get that price here".. While inhaling a very deep breath before i shoot this girl dead.. i politely ask again... then again synical laugh.. and i knew it i can loose it anytime .. better i put down the phone..

Now... biatch!! Ok i know im being too senstive but that doesnt give u right to be synical!! I like the other girl better than you.,. Secondly... you work there.. you dont own the place!! And my boss was enquiring about the place.. and with that money that's how u earn ur salary biatch!!

I've work in high end propetries before and you know they are very senstive esp in handling client.. coz client are senstive and they need a certain treament.. But still that doenst give u the right to be rude and synical...

I know NY always encounter rude synical ppl when she was browsing for some car before.. and yes NY i do agree with you... stupid sales person only judge the book and yes i repeat they are STUPID!! Coz a smart sales person would entertain everyone politely.. coz its not only a job and you never know who are you dealing with...



My Best Friend's Wedding

Posted by Eliz on 2:26 AM
Last sunday, 22 March 2009, it was my bestfriend's wedding at Masjid KLCC... yes my bestfriend's wedding.. hahaha maybe my time will be soon? Perhaps..perhaps..perhaps.. hahaah ..

It was a chaotic day.. i think during wedding its always chaotic.. ahah But some of my task are to be a PA and Kuli Batak on that day.. ahaha.. I was assign to pick up the Mak Andam at KLCC Bus Station to show her my friend's wedding.

Good thing i have assistant Kuli Batak/ Driver with me... ahahah.. Terima Kasih Prebet NY. This are some of the pictures taken on that day :

Prebet NY with Jarno a.k.a The Groom. He was pretty calm on his wedding day.. :P

Yeap that me... the Ayam Katik...but bear in mind im still the General!! Hahahahahaah.. The lovely Bride.. Rossa & Groom Jarno... heheeh oii yang.. sorg sorg la aku nak Man Hunt pas nieh.. heheh NY are in or not? During the ceremony.. Jarno and Rosmala Mohsin ( Bride and Groom) pssst: The Tok Kadi seems to be a funny man too.. hahahaah.. and poor Tok Kadi has to translate to English too

Yeap yeap berangan jap pakai crown.. heeheh terasa sangat cam zaman medival where im the queen!! Harrr Har.. Harr... Bow to me thy loyal subject!! Bow!!!! Harrr...

Okies this is The Queen's assistant a.ka. assistant General on that day... Wieh Prebet our Captain married already... we need to stratergize and be the ring hunt now! Hahaah I cant believe i would be one of them.. huhu hungry ring hunter ;p
Adusss aku nak upload lagi gambar.. internet pulak very slow.. Benci laaaaaaa


You Tube

Posted by Eliz on 2:18 AM
ARgghh... i have been having problem downloading vids from you tube lately.. this is coz one of the computer application has been turn off ( like i know what the heck is that) as for know i am still trying to get the application of whatever the thing is.. i miss downloading some videoclips .. huhu then at least i can burn it.. yak yak!!

After trying again and again on this lazy sunday afternoon finally i manage to instal it! and yeay i can watch youtube again.. well actually im not a big fan of it. Its just that is fun to watch and aslo to know what's new happening.. I listen to MSN Internet Radio alot coz there alot of singers that we never heard of and their song is much more better than the one that is popular now...

Hehehe like i found out about Ingrid Michealson.. i have no idea who she was .. also this sexy hot Assia Akhat (ukaranian violinist with Sarah Mclahan voice).. Apart from that i also found out some of the remix of Egyptian song which is really cool...

Ngeh ngeh!! Thank you you tubE!!



Posted by Eliz on 1:47 AM
Atas sebab-sebab busy to the extreme maka i couldnt right my entry here although i have tons to say but heheh first and foremost.. about my blog. Yes i've been hearing lots of complain saying that my blog layout.. Hahaha thanks Miz N for your frankiness (:P) eheheh telling me that you wont read my blog if im not ur friend.

Tsk tsk .... im so grateful coz ur my freind which means ur obliged to read it! ahahaha that's the unspoken pledge of sister hood .. btol tak?? Pompuan complicated skit.. they have to pandai pandai jaga ati kawan.. Ngeh ngeh and im blessed and proud to be woman!!!

Anways.. my blog new look.. i really have to show my gratitude to miss NY-OUT OF MY MIND-
Yes my new blog courtesy of NY kindness to pimp my blog last Monday.. eheheh.. thanks NY!!!! And congratulation to you for getting PAkcik Phsyco.. ahahahah in your life...

Yeahhhh... my blog has been pimped!!!!!

Thank you MTV.. thank you NY for pimping my blog :P


Chubaka a.k.a Chui

Posted by Eliz on 6:32 AM

His Name is Chubaka. Or known as Chui.. He's a male dog and im not sure wheter he's allowed to have mate.. i need to check with Mr.V


1) Lazy

2) Emotional

3) Like to bug other mates (he even have the guts to bug Siberian Huskies ;p)

4) Barks all the time

5) Like to steal mate's meal

6) Climb to owner's bed when clearly no mates dare to do that

7) Clumsy

8) Like to chase his own tail

9) Doesnt bite back or growl if owner step on his tail ( chui will just cry)

10) Clueless

11) Playful

12) Likes water alot.. he will just jump in!
13) He snores while sleeping (;p not quite sure how but i check with Mr.V)

Hehehe this is not mine.. and im looking forward to meet Chui.. i hope the owner will let me..
Chui!!! Here mommy come!!!!!



Posted by Eliz on 7:10 PM
What is rebound? According to an aquitance i met at Bangkok rebound is a condition where a person is looking for someone to cling until that person is over with their past relationship (i also checked at yahoo ;p). Is rebound harzadous? Hahaha or dangerous?

According to my other friend, having a rebound is not a good thing becoz;

1)The person that becomes rebound will end up hurt
2) Not fair coz other person is just using the other person to get past their relationship
3) It also act as a revenge where the person will throw all the anger to the reboundnee (heeheh reboundee-;p ayat buat sendiri)

When i talk to my few friends, it come to a conclusion rebound is not good.. Hahah coz based on self experience.. its not a good thing also.. And and opss.. you can never tell when your become someone's rebound.. Har Har Har....

Be prepare all the time, guard up and be alert. You never know when it strike you.. Ngeh..ngeh



Posted by Eliz on 6:01 AM
Ngeh Ngeh... ni ari was busy at work, chasing for the filing for the company tax.. al maklum la.. bos gua suka buat kerja last minute.. ahah but good thing about her.. dier akan buat sendiri and i will assist her in printing... har har.. al maklum jenis bos yang cam mak aku .. Few years ago my mom couldnt even print from her laptop.. har har.. and now she's a pro ! This is coz we are lazy to help her.. harr harr...

Anyhow.. while being busy and busy with something else.. I talk with NY..tuan empunya OUT OF MY MIND.. harr har... apprently she's busy too... i notice she's a bit busy lately but never theless.. we also have the time to do chismack! (eheheh gossiping la)..Both of us are looking forward for our friend's wedding this sunday at Masjid KLCC.

While talking about her.. since she will end her bachelor tittle .. i acknowledge to her that my other friend Ms. R did ask me this question. "AM I NY SUBSTITUTE?".. Lol what kind of question is that... i mean both of them are my friend and none will subsitute no one.. coz different friend has different role.

Then NY laugh at me and she ask me wheter she is.. I said no. Then she told me that Mz N is not my substitute coz Mz N have her own character which compliment with NY attitude.. Ngeh Ngeh.. neway,.. my point is.. why girls act like that?

Insecurity.. i thought only that happen only if ur in romantic relationship. Like other friend will dishearten if other friend goes of with other friends.. Hahaha this is what i call Friend's Politic.. ahah dont think there's only Office Politic.. heheeh then i told NY.. why are we like that?

Why can't we be like guys.. all buddy up and dont have this kind of attitude.. like if their friend goes out with other friend. they be ok (unless if they are needy la) - correct me if im wrong.. harr harr harr... Then somehow it hit my mind.. women are really complex.. emotionaly not stable and they need constant assure that they are still in the circle..

The one that is garang nak mampus.. they hide something within them.. and they want to show to the world that they are tough but actually they are the most vunerable one.. Apart from that.. women makes another women their own enemy (i read this somewhere but dunno where)

Say, example... if they find out about thier bf affair.. they will attack the lady 1st.. then only kill the bf.. now bear in mind it takes two to tango.. Har Har,... see what i mean? Same also like what we see at local drama melayu swasta.. women make enemy from their own kind..

Heheheh that' why we also heard alot of stories that daughter in law cannot ngam with mother in law.. and yes that actually happen to my friend sister's.. the marriage broke coz of the interferance of mother in law...

When will we ever stop this war?


Bahasa Inggeris??

Posted by Eliz on 10:47 PM
Prior to Archive of Time blog.. yes now hebat issue of PPSMI..the program has been lauch for years, the teachers has been trained to teach Mathematics & Sains in English, material has been provided.. speaking from my own experience.. I was born in a teachers family.. heheh yes.. My parents are both teachers, my dad is an english teacher & my mom teach maths.

My sister is an english teacher & teach maths too.. I remember by the time she enrol Teaching college, the government will give 10% incentive to teach in english. My brother in law also a teacher. During my time, most lesson were thought in Bahasa Malaysia medium.. then my mom says during thier time.. lesson were thought in English.. and i can see my mom still can speak Bahasa Malaysia well so does the rest of my family

I was a substitude teacher before and teach in rural area where total student from primary 1 to 6 is about 40 student.. so yes its very small... and during that time Maths & Sains were thought in English.. yes the student do have hard time learning it and understanding it because English is not thier mother tongue.. but still they are still intersted to learn.

Every morning you can hear they great you in a broken english hehehe... then i would ask them wheter they like to learn english.. they say they like coz it will give them advantage coz eventhough they cant speak english that much.. but at least they can anwser yes no.. hhahaahah they are so lucky they dont have to learn French & Spain and Italian too!! heheeh

Kalo tak cikgu yang ngajar pun mauk terbalik hahahaah... Anyways my point is, they have fun learning it and it doenst make them less sarawakian or less malaysian :) And that certainly dont make me less malaysian too.. its just an advantage to know more language and plus when they enter a real working place like us.. all are in english.. reports, finance, banks, hr...

I just hope our children can learn as much as they can...



Posted by Eliz on 4:30 AM
I suddenly recall my old boss with his black BMW (i dont know how many series :P) ... that particular day i was in the car with him and other office mates.. and we're set to go for pinic.. and i was assigned to bring the kuah kacang for satay.. Ngeh ngeh... So as we chit chat and bla n bla... we reached our destination... on walla!! the kuah kacang spill!! Hahahah its not that bad.. but you can smell the kuah kacang and it look a bit gross to coz it spill at the car carpet.. And i was panicking.. off course la!! BOss punya keta.. mau aku kena potong gaji nanti untuk bersihkan keta dier.. har.. har..

Then he says.. its ok.. just leave it... can send to car wash later.. its just kuah kacang... then i said but.. but... and he cuts me and says... dont let the car own you.. you own ur car... oh also i forgot to mention his side mirror is broken too heheh... And make me realize that many of us.. obsses with our belonging.. i mean off course i know its our thing and we work hard to gain it.. but never let it rule you...

I've once received an email regarding about a boy who his finger bones was broken coz the father lost his temper. Biasa la kids.. that kid was painting at his dad hummer.. and his dad was furious and i think he kindda crunch that poor kid fingers.. then that kid hospitalize.. when he woke up the father was at his side and he ask for his father forgiveness for painting his dad new car..

And then he look at his crush fingers and asked his dad.. can his fingers grow again? Tsk tsk.. poor kid.. i think that hit his dad so bad coz he was own by his belonging.. There's many road rage out there.. and the one that i read recently..

A girl got beat up by a guy just coz she knock his car.. i mean come on!! Does it worth it to kill someone for that small thing? I mean dont have to be over reacted that way.. Isnt it? Be reasonable.. like recently also i think most of you have read this news... a baby girl or boy dad smash his kid to the floor coz he cant stand listening to the baby crying..

That is so f***ing stupid!! But who am i to reasonalize his action? There's always reason behind all this.. so have fun.. be light.. have peace in your heart and all will follows and will be put in order.. ~wink~wink ;p


Bounce Bounce

Posted by Eliz on 4:12 AM
Ari nieh.. as usual i went to work with jeans.. but today a bit melampau skit coz i use jeans and with casual shirt but what the heck inside office i wear blazzer.. yes i love my job and i do love the fact that i can wear anything i like.. Long time before i've been critized big time by NY due to my obession going to work with flat pump and strips socks! Yes!! It's a white socks with red strips and when i walk people can actually sees that! I know it doesnt matter but what i care! Hahaah i know NY was really annoyed..Ngeh Ngeh!!

And my new year resolution is to wear something decent to work! Hahah and so far i've been sticking to it. Not more the "auntie" look to work and no more "sloppy" looks.. although i do miss going to work like going to pasar malam~wink! wink!

Heheheh so as i go out for lunch... im shaking a lil bit of botty.. ahhaahh perasan superrr model! :p uwekkk....But i notice something today.. why is it lots of staring my boobies..?? Okiesla maybe a bit too direct.. lemme change it.. why are they staring at my lovely hump??

U know.. girls hear me out.. i know most of you having the same problem like me.. uncivilize people will do the sound or just softly says.. "wow"!! I hate that!! i really really hate that!! Today i didnt wear anything thight nor did i wear something transparent...

The same thing happen to shopping mall before.. a guy pass by me and says.. i would love to have some of that tonite! Damn!!! At that point of time i almost wanna scream at him...Good thing there's no physical contact but how many times girls.. you felt threaten with that kind of comment? I mean you dont feel real safe isn't it?

Once i went for an interview, i wear really decent clothing.. and during the innterview session, the interviewer hardly look at me!!! Damn him... all the while he keep on focusing on my hump! Good thing i dont use my hump to get a good position at work place.. I know and i heard actually few women will do whatever it takes to go top... Aint me.. im more than happy to be a 'busuk' traveller.. ahahaha

When will this harrasment stop?? Hehehe itu pasal la aku suka auntie look.. at least nobody will pay attention.. ngeh ngeh and its safe too..



Posted by Eliz on 11:45 AM

These pics were taken somewhere round last year.. at gombak.. Sg. Sendat..


Baby Boy

Posted by Eliz on 4:04 AM
Proud aunt, would like to welcome baby boy Dylan Dimitrius in our family!! Wohooo... yeap yeap.. at the age of 26 i have my nephew!! Hahah and i've been texting friends and family to spread the joy... Both baby and mother are in good health.. and my brother,.. well he's full of joy and eheheh i think he's akward holding baby...his own son for the 1st time!

Tatkala early morning on 6th March 2.30 am.. i got this wonderful news thru text..so when i got it i call him straight and i can hear my mom yapping!! ahahah wonderful .. They are on the way to hospital and i talk to him for a bit.. he sounds calm.. i wonder how he can remain calm... after talking with him... i call my sister in law yeap coz she's the one in pain.. and i figure she might need some comforting...

So i called her and walla... im right!! Hahaha although she sounded calm.. but she told me about her labour pain and i was like erk!!! Alamak NY!!! How?? Hahahaha .... she told me her hips wanted to split when giving birth... but baby dylan is sleeping already coz she has breastfeed him.. I think baby Dylan is goona get screwed by us coz he got himself a bunch of retard aunt! And his dad also.. hahah

Image my brother send me text saying..oiittt wake up wake up!!! Im a father now! Yak yak yea!!! Hahahaahah silly brother of mine...All the joy and pain.. Labour pain!!! Iskk iskk i wonder how will i go thru it...But whatever it is.. im willing to give it a try.. to see wheter im durable..

What say you single ladies who have no experience except listening to those who have been there! HAhahahaahah...



Posted by Eliz on 6:37 PM
Today i felt certain calmness in my head.. feel peaceful.. this is coz my boss not in!! Yeeehaa!! Hehehe so i pun browse internet.. chat with my friends.. but NY is too busy today, not even online.. Hahaha.. so as i browse the internet i saw something up at our immigresion website, posting there's work and holiday program at australia.

Pom! I read it immediately and i started to day dream, thinking about i wanna take 1 month unpaid holiday and go sit and work my ass at Australia, then i call NY informing her coz id know i would need partner in crime to initiate this kind of madness.. ahahah

And so i talk to my other friend Milano, then she ask me wheter im sure i wanna go there and ask wheter i have sufficient fund. Then i tld her well i have sufficient fund for the tickets.. ahahah. Then she tld me in this kind of shit would wanna see our financial means.. i was like shit! Why oh why it has to be complicated!!! So i think im goona ditch this plan for the time being.

Few years back.. Xperanza .. my friend.. YO! NY.. i met her last week.. she came all the way from sabah.. heeheh.. Xperenza did ask me wheter i wanna got to NZ with her for 3 months and work in an apple farm!!! Plucking apple!!! Hahah how wicked is that.. But off course it never come true coz my other friend from NZ told me its an insane idea plus i wont last that long plucking apple!! Hahah thank you sir!!

And so that's the story how im still stuck at KL.. oh! Another one attempt to go abroad.. ahah.. i was really heartbroken before and i started to look for jobs abroad.. yes my insanity start to hit me..got an offer to teach at Honduras on voluntary basis (lebih kurang cam Beth keja kat peace corp).. ahaha then again my x-bf stop me from doing something insane.. and i almost wanted to go to Samui to teach.. again my other friend stop me... giesh i didnt know that it will be so much trouble... hahah

Well im saying that coz i got my sanity back, and i sit put at KL still and just do normal travelling. Until now i am still a bit calm but who knows when my insanity start to hit me again!! Yeeha!!


All the Single Ladies

Posted by Eliz on 11:44 PM

Okies picture this.. this is only for single ladies that already thinking about how their future married life would be.. hahhaahah i picture mine will have 5 lovely children.. and they will do this to me.. Hahaha aint that cute...
But now here's the catch.. when i think about it.. think about their teenage life later.. where they all will rebel and doing their thing as a teenagers like what we use to do.. It will be catashthropy!
Imagine 5 teenagers "buat perangai" at the same time.. huhuhuhuh... Now that i think of it.. maybe i need to do an intensive research about it. Ye lah nowdays kids end up in drugs la, rempit la.. then the latest one which is not so latest.. a 13 year old British boy fathered his 15 year old gf..
Mati la aku kalo anak aku cam tuh!!!!
Single ladies.. what say you about having many kids??!!



Posted by Eliz on 11:26 PM
And so i have my annual monthly fever... dont get me wrong... i really do have fever ..bukan suka suka mc..Everymonth i will be done with fever.. and at previous workplace.. i'm the one who always exhaust the MC.. ahah not that im faking it but its true

My friend use to ask me.. "ko stress kot, sebab tuh ko slalu sakit" Now yes that's another factor.. but even if i dont have stress at work place.. i will still down with fever.. It;s just the difference when im sick with stress that usually take me days to heal... whereas normal one will take me a day or two..

Haahhah NY always says i have "CapAyam" punya antibodi.. hehehe bukan cap ayam.. its just that im high in maintainence... from head to toe.. so biler maintenence tak dak.. jadi la cam nieh.. Muhahahahahah...

Just hope i will heal soon coz as for now i've been MC for 2 days!!



Posted by Eliz on 3:05 AM

Here i am.. at Starbucks.. just browsing and talking to my mysterious Mr. V.. hehehe and while talking... my sister call... and after she call.. its suddenly hit my mind to look at her wedding pic.. and this is my fav pic.. coz they way the look at each other is so full of love and they like totaly in love with each other.. i dont really fancy the pose the took at the studio its like fake.. like they also.. eh eh.. "mau buat ini pose ka?"

It kindda kill their spontaneous in love vibe.. ehhe anyway... here's the happy couple.. and at this moment also we all excited to wait for our 1st nephew.. huhu my sister in law expected due this 7th of March...
Apart from that.. during my sis's wedding tak kurang jugak ader org try match make... telling his son this and this and looking for a nice woman.. lol dude.. you want to match me with ur son but you dont even ask ur son.. i mean poor guy... he could have gf! Lol but his dad didnt acknowledge that...
Being the eldest sis.. i usually "kena" la with this kind of ques.." when is ur turn.. ur sister overtake you".. Gosh only NY know how i feel during that time... i really feeling soo Bridget Jones.. I gain weight drastically that time.. i have problem into fitting to a bride'smaid clothes.. argue with the that bitch from kedai pengantin.. Siegh!!!
But i will do it all over again.. coz its my sister wedding and if i can turn back the time.. i wld definitly throw tomatoes to that bitch and make a mess at her wedding shop.. harrr harrrrr


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