Yesterday I became a Mom!

Posted by Eliz on 11:15 PM
Yes.. yesterday i was officially become a mom for 2 cute hamsters.. Vader & Chui.. those cute little things.. Thank you Mz N for trusting me and willing to let me adopt them.. i'll pledge that i'll try my best to keep their needs 1st before mine.. hahahaah... I introduce myself to them but V & C was too tired from long journey from thier hometown Jaybee.. I admit im new to this thing.. and i rely only to thier biological mom (Mz N) to instruct me on what to do... and yesterday i forgot to feed them!! Luckily Mz N came save the day... aiyayayaya poor kids,, mommy didnt mean to be forgetful..

And so today i print out handbook on how to care for hamster... I'll try to be best mother of all hamster's mother u all ever had..

Thanks again Mz N


I've become Woman (kot)

Posted by Eliz on 10:52 PM
Yes! I have become a woman.. started to worry about future, started to think about tone down.. hahahaha cam poyo jer.. But actually.. i think somehow i become woman (on my own perspective) sbb after all this years my mom's effort to get rid of my navel piercing akhirnya berjaya.

And i did it voluntarily. It has been with me i think 3 years kot.. tak ingat sgt.. but i remember the actual reason why i did it. While my friends did it way back in college time.. i hold back thinking tak yah la.. but somehow doing my adult working life i did.. (actually serious tak sakit) i did it coz of anger.. as a sign or a mark for me to remember something.. i know it sounded like aku cam .. cilakak kantoi ngan bos pulak masa type blog aku nieh! Ampun bosss

Ok i did it coz of frustration a sign or rebelious..i did it to my make x bf annoyed.. i know its lame reason.. but it somehow i express things.. and when he found out i did he was furious coz when we break up i did it... hihihi so i was hoping tht he sees tht i can live without him..

And so it goes on till one day, i decided to take it off.. and somehow i feel so much in peace.. i guess i manage to let it go.. :) but in case ur asking... yes navel scar is still there.. even Nicole Richie still have her scar..


My 1st attempt making Cekodok

Posted by Eliz on 5:39 PM
Banyak-banyak type of cooking... it never occur to me to make cekodok, yes i think coz im not a big fan of that coz of the name remind me of the slimy KODOK.. hahahahaah.... sama like OTAK-OTAK... i dont eat otak2 till i was in my 20's coz somehow i think its gross to eat mushy prawn brain... but then again... i like it now.. coz now that i know its not made from any part of living BRAIN.. hahhaha

And so, i get an assistance from OOMY teaching me how to make cekodok... apparently it is quite easy and walla i did it last nite!
It's as easy as making goreng pisang... and Mizz N tolong melantak the cekodok... she said its quite sweet... sorry Mizz N.. 1st attempt!!!

I feel butterflies flying coz i knw how to make cekodok...hahahahaha poyos gilerrr


Lies that they tell you when ur a kid

Posted by Eliz on 6:20 PM
Growing up we've been told numerous lies to keep us not to go overboard as a kid.. hahaha nieh termasuk la :

1) Hujan panas jgn main kat luar sbb ada hantu

Logik: Kalo main ujan panas tak ke nnt demam.. dah sah2 nyusahkan mak bapak kena antar gi spital..

2) Jgn telan biji buah, takut nanti tumbuh dlm badan

Logik: Abis kalo dah telan bijik tembikai tuh sah2 kena masuk spital sbb kena appendix.. dah kena operate pulak!

** As a kid, aku slalu imagine camner la kalo betul la pokok tembikai tumbuh dari perut aku hehehe :P

3) Yang nieh standard question la, " Mak, kenapa mak ade tumbuh uban?" Mak jawab " kalo tak nak mak tumbuh uban, jgn buat mak marah"

Logik : Betul gak sbb mak kita stress, sbb tuh tumbuh uban heheh

4) Jeng jeng jeng.,.. nieh the best part... abang aku bagitau.. kalo nak cepat & pandai berenang, makan la ekor ikan..

Logik: Memang tak logik langsung.. tapi aku kena tipu pastuh aku mkn ekor ikan sbb nak cepat pandai berenang and till now i still eat the fish tails 1st.. its a lie that i already know but still somehow i believe it a bit.. eheheh

Yang lain tuh aku tak sure sgt.. tapi yg pastinya ayat yang slalu digunakan utk keep kids tone down, jgn nakal nnt polis tangkap la, pastu nnt org gila tangkap la etc...

Was thinking should i make list of white lies for my future kids?


Back After Long Hiatus

Posted by Eliz on 10:13 PM
Yes hopefully this time i will stick to my routine and keep on writing here.. maybe coz i dont have anything interesting to write and my live has been riding on the bored lane...yeee haaa... Yeah nothing exciting recently except for one thing..

I know my obession with my nephew is growing strong.. all i could think about is going to the north to visit my 10 year old month nephew.. i guess that what you call the joy of the 1st born nephew.. eheheh

I know i talk alot of him to other friends and it does give signal to my friends that dont know me that much.. stating this is it.. That i am ready to settle down and to have kids on my own...

Whoaaaa.... ok i maybe obses with my nephew but i am not ready to have my own kids or to settle down... i mean look at this way.. i enjoy playing with my nephew but to change his diapers, trying to understand what he wants when he cries i still cant cope with that yet..

And so i explain to my friends, and somehow they hard to believe it.. haish.. maybe if they know me better.. i still like the joy of being not married.. to be able to go here and there.. but i guess i wont understand the joy of having my own kids till i have one.. so hold tight,, im wishing all the best for myself that maybe one day i will be able to experience married live.. but till now im livin' la vida loca


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