Weekend Crime Scene

Posted by Eliz on 8:05 PM
Last weekend i went for a 'pot luck' at my cousin's house at puchong. And after 1 hour lost and 4 times going back and forth spending $$ at the toll and kena maki.. i finally reach their house.. Phew...finally... and as soon as i reach we went straight to makan 1st then only go home and prepare the food for the nite. 

There's this cutie at their house named Lexy. I thought she's a nice dog.. but i was wrong.. ahaha Lexy basically took my cheap Bali slippers (i beli borong lagi kat bali).. and tear off the beads!! Huk huk.. Bad Lexy!! So im left with uneven slippers, which 1 side got beads and the other one totally wrecked off.. Hahahah...

My Right Side That Still Nice

Left Side That Lexy Tore.. Sob Sob (Note the beads are all over the floor)

Better View of the Tore Slippers

Lexy Buat Muka Innocent kunun!! Huh!!

Bad Lexy!!!!


Verdict: Lexy was caught red handed!! Therefore your charge guilty and sentences to upstairs balcony where you will have no contact with human!!! 


Another Biatch

Posted by Eliz on 7:39 PM
I received a phone call from Temple ******* Art coz i was enquiring one of the dance class a while ago. As she spoke to me with an unpleasant tone, i still try to be nice and ask her for some information... then at the end of the conversation, i told her give me a day or two for me to come back to her then she suddenly high pitch, "There's no  day or two! You need to come back to me before 1pm and if not i will consider ur not interested. I've been trying to call you the past few days but u didnt pick up and i think today im just lucky to get you."... 

Then dengan panas hatinya i jawab, "ok".. then she said, " The only thing im calling you coz your name is in the list.. and there's a lot of people want this class, ok?!".. 

Then i said, "Ok, thank you". Mother Biatch.. memang celaka betul.. geram aku... you want customer then you talk to me that way, hell no i wont go for ur class... 

And easy if u have plenty of people want to join, why insist of  calling me? Hello biatch! Call la the people who's queuing for ur class.. Mmg dasar Biatch ******... Kalo dier tepon aku lagi tau la camner aku nak kasi baik punya!


Sakit Perut+Blur

Posted by Eliz on 11:22 PM
Sakit perut tetiba.. camnak terberanak tapi tak muntah... aku rasa servikal aku nak putus dua!!! Sakit sangat aku tak tahan aku suruh boss aku turun beli minyak angin.. sempat milih pulak tuh.. siap pesan aku tak nak minyak cap kapak.. nak brand lain... ehheeh bos aku pun lari turun bawah.. huhu tsk tsk thank you boss!!

Pastuh aku blur sampai skrg.. sekian terima kasih sebab baca blog yang mengarut ini.


Nobel Prize

Posted by Eliz on 7:41 PM
Last nite me and my housemate went for a drink with my frend Pridget (Ms.P)...
psssttt NY:just in case ur reading.. pridget ask how are u...

I brought my frend, Ms. M coz i thought Ms.P would like to expand her friend cycle in the particular age (coz my age difference with her is about 30 years plus, but she still rock). Age difference between Ms M and Ms P maybe only 5 years but still acceptable coz at certain conversation that required 40 years of experience im not up to par.. hehehe just listen only la...

So Ms. M and Ms. P chit chat while i busy eating the yummy nasi lemak! 

Ms. M: Yes.. im from this health and supplement company call ......... (tak leh sebut nama :P).. bla bla bla... and Dr.... (tut tut tuutttt) has won Nobel prize twice and we have paten his product for our factory

Ms.P: 2 times nobel prize??? (high pitch)... why i never heard of this name.. where is he from.. 2 times??? If 2 times then he will be a media frenzy for months even for years due to the fact he won an award twice!

Ms. M: Yes.. bla bla (try to change topic)

As for me.. i sengih sengih jer coz Ms.P nieh actually a lecturer at one of the local U here and the fact she's a westerner plus she's aware of issues pertaining human political issues...so you cant really bluff her :P

Ms.P : Where is this doctor from?

Ms. M: From Rome

Ms. P: Is he a romanian? Italian?

Ms. M: Er ah.. i think so.. yes he's romanaian..

Ms. P: Wow... 2 times nobel prize winner.. i need to check on this.. what's his name again... 

Ms. M: (Ngelabah) well im not really that well verse about that but yes he's a 2 times nobel price winner and his name is Dr.... (sambil tunjuk muka ngelabah+nyampah)

Ms. P: I will definilty check on this...

Then i cut off the conversation and start to talk other things... hahahahah bukan niat tak nak tolong Ms. M but i sendiri pun terkena ngan Ms.P few times pasal my fact are not concrete and i try to defend and making everything is ok... but im use to it.. and she know's im just like this.. ahahahah

The end..



Padan Muka!!!

Posted by Eliz on 11:05 PM
And so i rushed back to my headhunter land last friday as i was rushing from office to the airport. Good thing i can check in at KL Sentral and took the KLIA Express... that would make live easier. With that i manage to catch my plane straight to my brother in law long house. I have never been there... 

The reason why i went there is its my sister's wedding reception on the husband side.. so thinking i should support my sister coz other sibs cant make it.. i flew there to reunite my parents, cousins,aunt & uncle.. not forgetting my niece and nephew.. The whole 3 days experience there is unforgetable.. i will share it on my next post.. 

On sunday, i say goodbye to everyone and my sister+her husband send me to the airport.. off course coming back to kl.. they will stuff me with lots of stuff.. especially my brother wants lots of things. Siegh... his things are more than my stuff... and he keep on telling me he need that thing to do a "Gawai" Open house at Penang... So again this weekend i will be occcupied traveling to the north.

I've pack the cecaluk, belacan, rice, sour cucumber,tuak etc... and im all packed up and ready to go. Once i reach the airport.. i check in my luggage containing these item... and so i waited at the departure hall where i received a phone call.. 

A: Can i speak with MS............

Me: Speaking..

A: Can you come down for a second, there's problem with ur luggage..

(During this time im scared to death.. coz suddenly think of ppl putting drugs in my bag without me realizing it and i rush down.. it was 30 mins before departure)

A: Ms... your botol tuak pecah la.. you need to change ur bag .. we cannot check this in coz its smelly... or u just throw ur bag away..

Me: What?  U want me to throw my bag away??? U want me to throw my other things away too??

A; No, you can buy another bag at the shop and put it in..

And so i rushed and run, bought 2 new bag and repack... ( apperently the tuak bottle not pecah just the cap is not tight.. so i wrapped it again nicely and pack it and rush back to check in.. another person was at the check in counter, Mr. B)

B: Eh! Boleh cepat sikit ka? Gate mau tutup

Me: Sabar.. jap jap (as i was checking i was talking on the phone as well)

B: Saya boleh tunggu tapi gate tak boleh,, cepat sikit bagi ticket (with a rude tone)

Me: (High pitch) Am i not giving it to you now?

B: (still with rude tone) eh... bukan salah saya u punya beg pecah... you suppose to pack nicely..

Me: (Higher pitch) yang you people main buang kenapa? You should handle with care.. clearly you guys main campak ajer.. ignorekan fragile sign!

B: You marah saya kenapa? Bukan salah saya (getting ruder)

Me: (Highest pitch) Saya marah you coz you trigger my boiling point! Kalo you diam and buat kerja you ... you tak kan kena marah... taknak kena marah,.. diamlah! Buat kerja sendiri!!

Then B just kept quiet... then after he checked in my luggage i quickly run upstairs and manage to catch the plane.. in my head.. in that kind of tense situation.. he shouldnt trigger anything like that.. can dah kena sebijik.!! Padan muka kena amukan puaka aku!!



Dah tak marah

Posted by Eliz on 1:49 AM
Sambungan dari earlier post eheheheh skrg nieh aku dah tak marah... sbb :

1) 2nd boss bersatu padu ngan aku tlg lap berak big boss

2) 2nd boss know how the situation and after spending hours on tht hot oven place to find the particular thing for my big boss (nak carik lesen anak boss aku... bodoh tak?) 2nd boss pun bising2... sambil tlg carik

3) tak jumpa gak.. 2nd boss ajak g makan (nak pujuk aku tgh membara la tuh) orait.. aku pun ketuk la nak makan nieh tuh... burb... kenyang... reda sikit sakit hati....

4) Pastuh ari Isnin lepas aku MC.. tapi tak der sick leave... hari nieh sign form nak suruh boss sign.. dengan muka innocent ckp kat boss suruh tolak kat annual leave... then 2nb boss said.. tak payah sbb last week i've been working extra hours!!! wohooo!! Aku sayang giler kat boss aku nieh!!!! Yak yak yea!!!

Pssttt: Working hours aku tuh hanyala extra 2 hours :P... diappreciate ... dulu aku keja 12 jam... boss lama tak heran pun.. huhu nasib baik tak kerja kat situ lagi....

5) Paling best... big boss call and apologize for the trouble he put me thru!! Now tht's the best one!! Wohooo



Posted by Eliz on 7:14 PM
Disclaimer: Post ari nieh penuh ngan kebencian and i will not responsible for any heartache reading this post.

Hari nieh geram betul aku!!! 

Aku benci ngan perangai boss aku yang suka dah berak baru gali!! 

Aku benci perangai boss aku buat benda tak kasi tau aku!! 

Aku benci clean up my boss mess!!!

Aku benci!!!!!!!!!! Arghhhh geram giler aku ari nieh!! Dah la aku dah pesan ari nieh aku tak bleh balik lambat coz i have to catch a plane tonite!! Pastuh boleh jawab, ok as long as you get this one done. Bodoh!!!

Ko ingat orang tuh bleh cater ko nyer urgent matter ajer??? Byk lagi org dier nak attend! Bukan kehendak ko!! Aku benci ngan perangai ko yang suka last minute yang menyusahkan orang... Benci nak cuci berak ko!!!

Aku benci nak ikut perangai ko ajer,... aku benci ngan attitude i got money ko!! Geram akuuu oiii!!! Aku nieh bukan Personal Assistant ko!! Kalo nak gi upah lagi sorg!!! 




Nice People

Posted by Eliz on 1:31 AM
And today as i walk to the frame shop, i ask the shop assistant to help me to drill the screw back coz it fell off.. and today i was feeling so down, incomplete.. my soul was out there wondering.. and as i keep on day dream... the lady asked,

Lady:  Are you local?

Me: Not local kl la but local coz im Malaysian... ( then she laugh..). Im from the land of the head hunter.

Lady: Oh, how long have you been in KL? 

Me: For many many years...

Lady: Christian?

Me: Yeap...

When she's done with the drilling, i asked her.

Me: How much?

Lady: No charge.. i just ask God bless you so you have a wonderful day and you may come again to our shop.

Me: Oh thank you very much.. and God bless you too...

As i walk out of the store,.. i can fell my tears falling down.. particulary coz im so down with my own personal problem till i forgot.. there are actually people who care.. Thank you for the wishes lady.. And so i walk back to office with a smile.. She really make my day..


Harvest Festival

Posted by Eliz on 1:22 AM
Mmmm... dah lama tak menulis kat sini... this is because my internet had been giving me problem this whole week and i was really busy at work till i can't write on my blog. Last nite, i received few text from friends and family back at my hornbill land.. wishing me a Happy Gawai... tsk tsk... i didnt really feel the celebration here... its like a normal day to me..

Then last nite i was thinking.. all the fun i used to had during Gawai..the only time i would see my dad totally drunk.. (never seen him drunk that bad :P)... and also the only time id see my sister having hard time talking to my grandparents coz she can't talk my mom's languange... that goes to my dad too..

I miss the half day journey travelling to the long house.. having cramps coz sitting on the long boat for hours. I miss my druken cousin that will pick us up at the jetty and we were praying hard so he can manuver the boat... i miss the "gong' sound and also the 'tuak' force drinking ahaha..you can actually see ppl got wasted and sleep at the 'ruai' (verandah).

I miss the no tv, no pipe water (we have to jump at the river)... i miss picking up water from the well... i miss my shy cousins that i hardly met at long house...i miss my grandparents for most of all coz they couldnt be there to celebrate with them.. :(

Really miss them... i miss  my grandma shouting when she manuver the boat.. i miss my grandpa when he argue with my mom asking us to stay longer at the long house..I miss jumping to the river with only "kain sarong'

I havent went back for harvest festival for many years and i can felt it slipping away... how i wish i can turn back the time.. and be with my grandparents and with my cousins and aunts and my niece and nephews to cook and eat together as a family.

Now it's excatly one year that my grandparents pass away.. I wish i can spend one more time harvest festival with them


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