Simply Beautiful

Posted by Eliz on 10:08 PM
Note To God by Charice Pempengco

If I wrote a note to God

I would speak what's in my soul

I'd ask for all the hate to be swept away

For love to overflow.

If I wrote a note to God

I'd pour my heart out on each page

I'd ask for war to end

And for peace to mend this world.

I'd say, I'd say, I'd say

Give us the strength to make it through

Help us find love 'cause love is overdue

And it seems like so much is goin' wrong

On this road we're on.

If I wrote a note to God

I would say please help us find our way

End all the bitterness

Put some tenderness in our hearts.

I'd say, I'd say, I'd say

Give us the strength to make it through

Help us find love cause love is overdue

And it looks like we haven't got a clue.

Need some help from you

Grant us the faith to carry on

Give us hope when it seems all hope is gone

'Cause it seems like so much is goin' wrong

On this road we're on.

No, no, (no...)

We can't do it on our own

So, so... 

Us... (Give us the strength to make it through)

... (Help us find love 'cause love is overdue)

And it looks like we haven't got a clue

Need some help... 

(Grant us) the faith to carry on... 

Give us hope when it seems all hope is gone

And it seems like so much is goin' wrong

On this road we're on.

No, no, (no...)

We can't do it on our own

(So, ) so... 

If I wrote a note to God...

** a very beautiful lyrics and stunning vocal by 17 year old philipino



Posted by Eliz on 7:14 PM
Hahahaahah... pernah tak korg rasa tension ketika driving.. kaki gatal? :p aku dah lama nak buat post nieh... ahahah.... Kaki gatal pastuh kena drive laju and susah nak garu.. garu pakai kaki sebelah tak puas.. kena garu pakai tangan gak..

Heheheeh when i was an adolescent, i saw my dad driving with muka tension, and keep on tergaru2 kaki.. so i ask him what's wrong and he tld me his feet are itchy and he's using the kasut kerja yang bertutup tuh. So i laugh at him... then with serious tone, he look at me and said, " Do you think its funny? It's annoying & itchy.. i can't concentrate".. Then i terus diam la.. kena sound sebijik camtuh... 

Growing up, tht issue had passed by until one incident remind me of my dad... Hahaha it was my turn to have itchy feet.. and seriously tension sbb tak leh berenti nak garu.. pastuh keta byk laju.. eheeheheheh....and ever since i ask my friend if they ever had itchy feet...and what they do.. They just tell me.. "dah gatal,garu jer la" sambil tak memperdulikan sangat my question..

Hehehe i guess they dont know tht itchy feet have sentimental value to me...  :P



Posted by Eliz on 6:27 PM
This is actually post experience i encounter during jualan kek lapis sarawak during the MIFB... been keeping this to myself... might as well spit it out.. Har.. har.. har...

During the event of cake selling, i've been listening to numerous complains posted by this kakak... (kakak nieh tlg jual cake with me la-kakak kepada owner booth tuh). She's been complaining that lots people testing the cake rather than buying it. Ala kak standard la tuh... you put the tester there.. off course la org nak rasa... tht's the point! To test!!! Nyampah tau.. keep on telling me the same thing all over again.

Another situation was when org byk tanya pasal ingredient. Standard la tuh .. org nak makan... org nak tau la aper bahan di pakai.. dengan selamba akak nieh menjual statement kek lapis natural..even saying the colours are natural.. adus kak!!!!!! When i ask her naper cakap macam tuh.. then she said.. alah org byk tanya.. bosan akak! Yang ko menjual tuh ngan foreigner.. nanti org tuh ader allergy ker aper ker.. tak ke kena saman??? Very reckless irresponsible seller... a true capitalist.

Aku bosan la camtuh.. dah namanyer ko niaga... off course you need patience selling it and you need to build the relationship with buyer.. the trust... buat benda nieh bukan nak jual ari tuh jer... Aku bosan la tgk org yg mentality blok nieh.. nak untung ajer... don't take responsibilty towards the product pastuh byk komplen... 

Iskk!!!! Bosan betul!!!!


CIntaku semakin pudar

Posted by Eliz on 9:01 PM
Cinta ku semakin pudar.. puncanya,.. aku duduk tingkat 14.. tenet aku sucks giler... time nak memblog.. tgk youtube hatta nak main game... slalu susah... aku bosannn bosannnnnnnnn..... huhhuhuh bila la ko nak baik tenet.. aku penat la nak bertenet kat opis... huk huk


So Sweet!!

Posted by Eliz on 8:05 PM

Lost love letter reunites couple after 16 years

LONDON (AFP) – A British man and his Spanish former sweetheart have finally married 16 years after they drifted apart, reunited by a love letter lost behind a fireplace for over a decade, reports said Monday.

Steve Smith and Carmen Ruiz-Perez, both now 42, fell in love 17 years ago when she was a foreign exchange student in Brixham, and got engaged after only a year together.

But their relationship ended after she moved France to run a shop in Paris.

A few years later, in a bid to rekindle their love, Smith sent a letter to her mother's home in Spain. It was placed on the mantelpiece, but slipped down behind the fireplace and was lost for over a decade.

The missing missive was only found when builders removed the fireplace during renovation work.

"When I got the letter I didn't phone Steve right away because I was so nervous," Ruiz-Perez told the Herald Express local newspaper.

"I nearly didn't phone him at all. I kept picking up the phone then putting it down again.

"But I knew I had to make the call."

When they were reunited, it was as if time had stood still, said Smith, a factory supervisor.

"When we met again it was like a film. We ran across the airport into each other's arms. We met up and fell in love all over again. Within 30 seconds of setting eyes on each other we were kissing.

"I'm just glad the letter did eventually end up where it was supposed to be," he said, after the couple married last Friday.


Harry Potter Movie Mistake

Posted by Eliz on 9:28 PM
Hahaha Lawakla...

Camner aku bleh tak perasan segala yg diaorg list kan nieh.




Posted by Eliz on 8:14 PM
Dah nak masuk 4 hari dahh demam huhuu... nyampah betul la... 

P.s: Saje jer nak ngengada letak post ahahahahah



Posted by Eliz on 12:07 AM
Ari sabtu lepas.. akhirnya habisla sudah exhibition tuh.. maka penat berdiri pun amat terasa sampai ari ahad tuh mmg tak kuar umah langsung.. huhu ingatkan nak pergi bukit bintang urut... nguhahahaha .. tak pergi jugak.. 

Al-kisahnya aku buat benda nieh sbb nak tolong kawan.. Aku mintak leave 2 hari gitu sebab nak tlg besfren set up booth sambil menjual Kek Lapis Sarawak... hahahah sedap serious... org yg buat kek lapis tuh pandai la... 

Banyak songeh betul org nak membeli.. dah rasa tetiba takut tengok kaler warna warni.. ahahaha kalo takut kenapa nak gak rasa on the 1st place?? Hampeh.. tektik nak try dan tak nak membeli la tuh.. Pastuh ader gak yang tanya soalan bodoh pasal aper nak guna kaler byk sgt? Adoiiii makcik!! Kalo tak guna kaler... maner nak nampak layernyer!!! Dah tentu namanya bukan kek lapis.. 

Hahaha tapi paling best masa minah senorita nie nak beli kek lapis sarawak.. memula dtg sorg.. rasa... pastuh tak bawak dompet... dier gi balik booth dier ambik duit sambil angkut kwn dier.. hahahah ... pastuh kwn dier nieh bersungguh-sungguh cerita pasal kepayahan membuat kek tuh sambil menceritakan kesedapannya... (serious macam cerita telenovela sepanyol tuh-bersungguh-sungguh) ahahah tapi dier tak beli! Hampesh.. tapi ape-pe hal pun Muchas Gracias Senorita!!

Tak kurang jugak ader spesis lelaki beli kek pasal nak ngorat.. ahahah tektik lama siol... ahh peduli aku.. Janji beli... macam mamat korea tuh beli sampai 5 sebab nak ngorat kakak booth owner... 

ehehe so aku ari nieh masuk opis ngan blur + penat tak abis sbb mlm tadi lambat tidok... nguhahahahah..... Salamat!!


Malaysian International Food & Beverage

Posted by Eliz on 8:33 AM
I took 2 days off from my work specificly for this event. The reason why? My good friend participate in this event and she sell Kek Lapis Sarawak... ehehheh and she's actually from JB.. haha how ironic is that... Today... spend the morning kelam kabut setting up the bunting.. banner & displaying the cakes.. then busy la the whole day jalan distribute brochure sambil sampeling makanan lain.. har har... Huhuh then tom have to go there again until this saturday.. Tsk tsk and betis aku is killing me from all the walking... nak ZZZZZ lah.. ahahah sajer nak ngarut kat sini :P. Gambar takdak ek.. tima kasih.


Cheer 2009

Posted by Eliz on 8:18 AM
Giler bangat aku tak memblog.. har har... The other day i saw this advert on tv, saying there's a cheer competiton 2009. And it hit me in my head... sejak biler kita ader cheer? And is it now becoming the school coriculoum activities? If so...naper certain sekolah jer yang ader and certain sekolah takder? Macam Persatuan Pengakap.. standard la semua skolah ader... And it really make me wonder how western media influence really take place especially in schools. And the way the girls talk during the commercial break on tv is excatly how the "blondes" talk.. but im sure there are smart in their own ways.

One's my friend once tegur a group of girls coz they were cutting her queque and the girls answer her back, "Loser" while signaling the L gesture on their forehead... Isk isk isk.. kids nowdays...ahahah even they have more canggih phone from thier parents what else... mmmm but i was swipe away with ther Cheer thingy.. i know it has been in Malaysia for many years now.. and we even have the drama, "5 Jingga" showing what does it takes to be a pom pom girl..

But im still curious until now.. does the school nowdays make cheer part of their KK acitivities? Help anyone? hehheheeh


Another Good News

Posted by Eliz on 5:08 AM
Hip hip hurrayyy!!!! So hepi.. today she called and informed me she's pregant 7 weeks.. yee haaa!!! Im goona be an aunt again!!! And baby Dylan will have another cousin!!! Yee haaa...

Yang aku syok lebih-lebih pun tak tau naper.. ahahah but im so excited!!!



Posted by Eliz on 8:55 PM
I called my mom last few days.. and i gotta admit i dont my parents that much. The reason :

Nak melarikan diri dari tanggungjawab 
- coz everytime i call mesti tanya dah isi keja gomen blom.. huhuhu penat nak tepis.

When i called her few days ago after many many years of  her nag to ask me to fill up the SPA.. finally i isi la.. now just waiting for exam...which i dont know when its coming.. Again the conversation, she stressed about that.. i told her i already fill up..what you want me to do.. we just have to wait for the interview calling... Then she said good.. hahah my mom.. she's a very persistent lady and will get things done her way.. Way da go mom!! 

She informed  me that my other grandpop is in the hospital due to elderly sickness.. and she said she dont know how much longer he can hold.. My grandpop is about 90++.. After nag nag, my mom finally ask.. eh why you call? Lol.. and i answered simply call, cannot meh?? And she laugh and tell me well you should call more often!

Then it hit me rite to my brain... how many of us actually forget or purposely not to call or text our family to check on them.  When we're facing hard time & stress, we're trying so hard to get rid of it by going to yoga for peace when actually you can call your family and they can give you peace instanly. 

That's how i felt... although i will argue and shout and the end of the day i feel calm.. gratefull coz i have a home, a family that still there for me.. and eventhough i am the black sheep of the family.. i know that its me who made my self a black sheep (middle child sydrome la). Family that shape me for what i am now... and i'm blessed to have parents, elder brothers and younger sisters that is not only a family but also as my friends. Im lucky to have unorthodox parent & siblings to support each other.. 


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