What The F**K!!!!

Posted by Eliz on 12:53 AM
Aku bengang betul... mmg dasar org kerja government... Nieh mmg specifically goes to the immigration Department Malaysia.. dah la kalo call bukannyer ader org nak angkat! Haram mmg susah nak angkat.. call la sampai nak mati pun org tak angkat!!! Bukan sekali dua.. tapi banyak kali dah jadi cam tuh! Tiap kali nak call Immigration Putrajaya mesti susah!!!

So i try my luck again.... ader org angkat.. trus pass aku kat PR Department.. aku tanya elok-elok.. jawab kasar.. fine! Aku pun kasar la balik! Tau pun tone down.. mmg dasar biatch! Pastuh dier bagitau pasal papers shld not be handle by 3rd party.. marah-marah.. fine la aku cakap ok. Pastuh aku sound dier.. who am i talking with?

Memang dasar biatch trus letak tepon!! Aku sangat bengang... ko ingat ko kerja gomen jer.. Kalo kerja swasta mmg mati ko kena complen kena buang kerja, kena pulau.. Dasar pemalas! Ader org yg betul2 nak kerja,.. ko lagi nak rosakkan nama org kerja kerajaan!

Go to hell LA!


Not Suppose to See

Posted by Eliz on 10:00 PM
This happen few days ago, busy sgt baru update kat blog ari nieh.

Alkisahnya.... 1 hari yg normal di opis.. lawyer kitaorg g pantry.. kat pantry nieh ader tingkap yg memang dibukak utk diaorg hisap rokok.. Tetiba dier kuar dari pantry sambil gelak and say, " I see something i'm not suppose to see".

Pastuh kitaorg pun pelik la.. apersal... rupa-rupanya... dier nampak 1 perkerja dari restaurant nieh tgh kopek bawang.. pastuh mamat tuh guna pisau yg dier kopek bawang utk potong kuku kaki dier.. HAhahaah... mmg dasar indian restaurant.. Patut la kedai tuh kena saman ngan MPSJ and kena compaun+tutup on the spot.. tak serik jugak... Office kitaorg nieh shoplot.. so dari pantry kita tuh bleh nampak belakang restaurant.. Dah la my boss suka makan kat situ.. hhhehehehe .. hampesh! Geli!!!


Ghost of Girlfriend Past

Posted by Eliz on 7:07 PM
Last nite i went watch this movie with my friend.. it was an ok movie.. i think somehow its quite long though.. but anyhow.. i can see the concept pretty much similiar with Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol.

And so we were watching till there's one line that hit me. "The power of relationship is with those who care less." And my friend asked, "Betul ke".. i reply, "Betul". Now to my personal opinion.. when you care less.. especially in relationship.. when you built up a very tough wall inside you, you tend to be cold, sarcastic and everything you see is bitter. But the whole point is what keep human together is relationship, the human bond.

Off course along the way, you will be hurt, you won't like what your partner did to you, you have arguement and whatsoever.. For not feeling that, that person simply selfish coz they dont want to get hurt 1st.. so they rather ppl feeling it...

I don't blame them though, it maybe has to do with thier past experience.. but for all i know.. love that keep us together... people who out of love just couldnt care about other people..



Posted by Eliz on 8:45 PM
There's lot's of way for doing donation isnt it? For somehow, something trigger me.. Ovari donation.. sumthing like sperm donation la.. but its only for the non-muslim. I've browse the website before.. and basically they need a healthy egg to give away for bayi tabung uji la kot.. Basically meaning kita boleh jual our eggs for the needy.. for those who's longing for baby.. That place somewhere around PJ or Subang.. i forgot.. they also been published on the news paper.. means tht place is ok la.. approved already.

Note that 1 egg for sale is about RM3000 to RM5000... provided it has to be healthy la.. Not that so recent i saw a blog regarding this and she's expressing her opinion that.. rather than our eggs go wasted (period)... might as well give away .. so at least we can help people...And now im thinking... so i donate my egg? I've posted that question before to my other half.. and he said no.. He tld me there;s side effect on it coz basically i'll be inject with hormon thingy.. bla bla.. whatever the medical term that i dont understand..

Hehehe anyways... i was thinking again... should i donate my eggs? I also think i want to donate my organs if i died... but should i? Somehow this is torn between moral & religion issues... but i mean i dont know..Like Jeehovah Witness.. they are not allowed to take blood transmission.. so even they body need blood... but the religion opposed, they rather die.. but again... Should i?


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