Posted by Eliz on 8:18 PM
Recently i notice there's lots of health product that sell their product via MLM. And today, i've there's my boss guest was trying to get me to join MLM. One thing i notice.. MLM people usually are fire up with spirit, pleasant & most important they know how to talk.

And im telling you, this guy he really know how to sell his product and trying to get me to join his group. The thing is, not that i dont want to join MLM.. its a good melting pot to meet and to do networking coz you never know when it comes handy.

But i hate talking to people.. i mean i do talk alot but im not a people person when it comes to business. And it's proven.. i've tried consultancy post before and i knew it coz i hate to accommodate clients needs... i want people to accommodate my needs.. ehehehe (berlagak pulak).. yes i know i've been told i really am good at talking and thus its my strength to join this kind of industry.

But i rather sit back, and be talking to my office mate and not to other people.. heheh i know im the typical lazy person..I was motivated before till i realize.. new behavior will take months to shape as it has been developed & we are comfortable with what we have.

So MLM, really for the time being im not interested to join,, maybe in the future... 

Id still like to keep the opportunity open.


Nostradamus Predicition

Posted by Eliz on 7:03 PM
Im really curious about this guy... i mean is there really anyone that really can predict future? Nostradamus known for his predicition work.. but so far how true? Is there really people can predict the future?

How about people who have premonition? Are they true or they only can see what will happen but the event will change and they can't track it... Or how bout those who can read your face?

I have a friend who claim he's a healer. He's with Reiki Organization and he told me he can read someone's past/future by looking at the face. And yes he have read some for me... and somehow im still spectical coz some of it true and some are not. Then i have a friend that told me that sometimes its not accurate coz they will read our past life and our future which is i dont know...

But anyway, for people who have this special talent how they manage? I was thinking like if they see people's face then tup tup dier dah baca!! Tak ker takut??? ~Gulp~

Aku takut & curious jugak.. ~ wink~wink


Men & Me

Posted by Eliz on 7:19 PM
I haven't write anything in a while.. aaahah prolly im too busy thinking and solving my own life till i forgot about things that make me feel better.. yes like blog.. somehow its like a therapy that some of us take for granted and opt for medical drugs... 

But anways.. last time i use to write in a book.. some kind of "Luahan Perasaan" ahahahah where if one read it.. its not a happy book and its full of sad incident.. So i dont recon read it.. although i dont know where's the book now.. 

But i notice.. when im in relationship there's always that kind of book pops up! Hahaha ... The reason.. men simply dont listen! Or i dont quite know if they ever listen.. Hahaha.. Men is really funny.. i know this has been told many moon back.. :P and i do read some dating article.. i mean i dont blame all men coz i know there's good guy out there..

But im taking about in general like previous relationship.. been with him together for 3 years and i still dont get him... last last break.. its like i'm bound to have men that dont know what they want!! Or maybe its me that i dont know what i want..

Then i though after i pass the heartache, i thought i can live life again.. but then again!! Same thing... aiyah!! When will this be over.. Sometimes i felt its better to be on guard! Which im always in terms of guys.. but hey look at the bright side.. if he played you.. he will get some thing bad happen to him also.. Its like what goes around come around...

And i have x's that wanted to come back to me.. ahahah phsyco tak?? But i guess boys will always be boys.. i still cant understand what they're thinking and.. oh well im sure i will find out.. Hahahah and i think men are like beautiful curse to women...

Can't live without them but miserable with them... But once you find your match... Its like heaven on earth.. plus a bit of hell la! Hehehehe... But i guess i just have to keep on learning about men... can't wait to see what next will bring me..

Im up to it!! YEahhhh


3 Stooges

Posted by Eliz on 12:44 AM
At this hour i've watch 2 episode of 3 Stooges  on youtube...

Hahahah those guy are hilarious!!

I really think Larry is cute...

Psssttt : Bos takder... pasai tuh bantai tgk citer ;p

Terima Kasih Boss!!


YOU & I-Ingrid Michealson

Posted by Eliz on 7:55 PM

Don’t you worry there my honey
We might not have any money
But we’ve got our love to pay the bills (reality boleh ker??)

Maybe I think you’re cute and funny
Maybe I wanna do want bunnies do with you if you know what I mean

Oh lets get rich and buy our parents homes in the south of France
Lets get rich and give everybody nice sweaters and teach them how to dance
Lets get rich and build a house on a mountain making everybody look like ants
From way up there, you and I, you and I

Well you might be a bit confused
And you might be a little bit bruised
But baby how we spoon like no one else
So I will help you read those books
If you will soothe my worried looks
And we will put the lonesome on the shelf

Lets get rich and buy our parents homes in the south of France
Lets get rich and give everybody nice sweaters and teach them how to dance
Lets get rich and build a house on a mountain making everybody look like ants
From way up there, you and I, you and I

Lets get rich and buy our parents homes in the south of France
Lets get rich and give everybody nice sweaters and teach them how to dance
Lets get rich and build a house on a mountain making everybody look like ants
From way up there, you and I, you and I



Posted by Eliz on 11:58 PM
This just happen during lunch hour as i was rushing out to go to get something.. and my type.. i dont usually check how much i left in wallet. It really funny how my mind works... like for example today, i have cash but left it inside my blazer pocket.

And i went to the mall jolly and see some stuff.. then as i realize its 2pm already and i havent got food. So i rush to the nearest KFC.. good thing i rush there and not MCD.. ahahah the reason is coz i DONT have ENOuGH Cash :P

As i ordered at KFC then i open my purse and realize i only have RM7!!! And my meal is RM9.45... and im panicking coz the girl already punch in the orders and putting the order for me.. then i keep on telling her.. , "Dik tak cukup duit la... you terima tak card". 

Then she kindda ignore me and i was panicking counting my syilling too. Then i said..."Dik tak cukup duit la.. u terima card tak?" Then she smile at me... and said "Yes"

Thank you!!! Thank you KFC for accepting credit card.. so i ask her what card does they take, and i've showed her all the plastics i have.. then she pointed 1 card...

Heheheeh i was embarrassed coz i use card to buy KFC.. ahahah and second thing I was short of cash... and this incident happen to me alot of time too... Which i will share next time..But for the time being... i'm already full with the KFC...

Thank you KFC! MCD...when are u guys goona take Credit Card? Hahahaha and i know banks love me coz i've just help their sales by "hutang" with them... huhuhuhuh


Geography & Me

Posted by Eliz on 9:08 PM
I really like to travel, especially traveling backpack with my mate NY. No guide, no tour.. just us trying to explore every bits of the country. When ever we go traveling, NY will bring her trusted Magic Book & both of us will do research about that particular country.. on where to go, what's the best attraction.. And i will always dig up for the best night life.. ngeh ngeh... This is where i will take charge on locating where's the happening hang out place.

Now, the funny thing is i really sucks about geography. I can read map.. but i will take me long time to locate the place.. so usually NY will navigate (coz she know how sucks am i & there's a high potential of getting more lost if i navigate). Har.. Harr... 

Im not only sucks at geography outside the country but also inside Malaysia...heheh especially at KL. (okies okies.. im just giving excuses)~wink!~winK!.. but its not like im totally dont know where's the place.. i just misplace it :P

This is NY favorite one.. I told her HULU LANGAT is AT JOHOR.. tsk tsk... teruk i kena with her.. until now!! Huhuhuh... i mean i heard the place name.. eheheh i just misplace the country. Also 1 time i got big time from my boss coz i thought Cambodia is in Vietnam.. also i thought Anddora is at Africa...sigh!!...

I learn geography at school, i learn how to do read map.. but i mean its a vast world out there!! I cant know where's everystreet (giving excuses again :P) hahahahaa... but i mean even if im lost i will ask for direction.. easy.. but the problem of asking people on the street in KL or stop at the gas station, you might ask the Bangladeshi or Myanmmar.. and again.. ahaha u cant get where to go.. Hahaha 

So best is to ask toll gate girl, coz when we're driving, lost .. we always end up at toll... Hahaha and at Thai, its frustrating coz they cant speak english to guide you.. ahahah & also i remember when me & NY at Manila, NY have to show the cab driver where we're staying... i dont know why i cant remember the street .. i know the name.. but i will always miss the hotel...

Huhuhu i guess im just disorriented all the time... bukan jahil geography tau NY!!! eheheh and thanks for being a dependable nagivator when we travelling... coz ahahaha u know i nagivate well on night life!! We always end up at weird club... ahahah and eccentric performance!



Posted by Eliz on 11:05 PM
Due to a new make over, courtessy of NY.. my blog has been pimped and also i found where's the comment button!!

So guys feel free to drop ur comment! Ngeh ngeh...  

Thank you NY..

I love you and i love you too Mizz N..

And thank you for my parents support, nail parlour, waxing salon...

Thank you! Thank you...


My Dating Scene

Posted by Eliz on 3:24 AM
One day.. id like to go for a date like this.. Just sitting on the park, lay my head to his shoulder and under the moonlight.. just looking at the stars... Just in love...Heheheeh but i hope it wont be too dark coz im scared of dark.. ahahah ... or maybe just lay on beach and look at the stars... heheeh....

Yak yak yea!

How bout you all... what's ur dream dating scene look like...


PIMP MY Blog Version 2

Posted by Eliz on 3:01 AM
I havent wrote something lately particularly coz tsk tsk....

1) My Blog Layout have some default... huhuhu and i've asked the maintances a.ka. NY-OUT OF MY MIND to rectify it

2) Because i've been lazy lately and been having lots of emotional turbulance..tsk tsk... lots of down things and been trying to get hold of things that had happen...but good things are picking up now..

3) Good thing also Pimp My Blog V.2 has been sucessfully done courtessy of NY.. but i have question la NY...
a) Manerrr ruang comment??
b) Aku nieh buta IT laaa.... ko tolong skit bagi comment punya layout tuu

4) THANK YOU NY... ahahahah plisss...plissss.. pimp my blog again.... muahahaha. Ko sgt jelita and young and pretty indepent lady...mwahhhh tenkiu tenkiu!!!


ngeh ngeh


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