Selamat Tinggal Blog

Posted by Eliz on 1:39 AM
Setelah menceburi dlm aktiviti blog ini, aku memutuskan bahawa aku akan menutup blog aku yg tak seberapa byk post nie. To all of you thanks for reading... to all of those who still in pursuit keep up the good work.. Punca aku menutup blog ini adalah its not meant to be.. and it has my own sentimental values yg tak mungkin aku dapat terangkan melalui kata2, mahupun dari expresi ku.. i just wish it doesnt have to end this way.

Good bye to all the good people i've known. Good bye blog.. you have been such a fun to me.. i will be missing our moment together.



hope your spirit will stay...

Miz N: Babaii

Dr. Sam:Thank you, and i will still be a silent reader and thank you for following my blog.. My spirit still stay within me.. if not coz of that i would be broken long time ago..

Thanks y'all

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