I've become Woman (kot)

Posted by Eliz on 10:52 PM
Yes! I have become a woman.. started to worry about future, started to think about tone down.. hahahaha cam poyo jer.. But actually.. i think somehow i become woman (on my own perspective) sbb after all this years my mom's effort to get rid of my navel piercing akhirnya berjaya.

And i did it voluntarily. It has been with me i think 3 years kot.. tak ingat sgt.. but i remember the actual reason why i did it. While my friends did it way back in college time.. i hold back thinking tak yah la.. but somehow doing my adult working life i did.. (actually serious tak sakit) i did it coz of anger.. as a sign or a mark for me to remember something.. i know it sounded like aku cam .. cilakak kantoi ngan bos pulak masa type blog aku nieh! Ampun bosss

Ok i did it coz of frustration a sign or rebelious..i did it to my make x bf annoyed.. i know its lame reason.. but it somehow i express things.. and when he found out i did he was furious coz when we break up i did it... hihihi so i was hoping tht he sees tht i can live without him..

And so it goes on till one day, i decided to take it off.. and somehow i feel so much in peace.. i guess i manage to let it go.. :) but in case ur asking... yes navel scar is still there.. even Nicole Richie still have her scar..


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