Yesterday I became a Mom!

Posted by Eliz on 11:15 PM
Yes.. yesterday i was officially become a mom for 2 cute hamsters.. Vader & Chui.. those cute little things.. Thank you Mz N for trusting me and willing to let me adopt them.. i'll pledge that i'll try my best to keep their needs 1st before mine.. hahahaah... I introduce myself to them but V & C was too tired from long journey from thier hometown Jaybee.. I admit im new to this thing.. and i rely only to thier biological mom (Mz N) to instruct me on what to do... and yesterday i forgot to feed them!! Luckily Mz N came save the day... aiyayayaya poor kids,, mommy didnt mean to be forgetful..

And so today i print out handbook on how to care for hamster... I'll try to be best mother of all hamster's mother u all ever had..

Thanks again Mz N



biological mother? argghh. i am not a rodent.

har har har.....
anak u vampire ek...mata merah

Mz N : if ur not a rodent.. the i assume ur a possum? har harrr

OOMM : kasi lepas kat bilik tido ko kang.. har harrr & yes sbb half gen dtg dari robbert pattison

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